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Structural Analysis and Design Using Bentley Software

Revolutionize Structural Analysis & Design with Bentley Software

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In the dynamic world of engineering and construction, seamless integration of cutting-edge software solutions is critical for maximizing efficiency, accuracy, and creativity. Rishabh Engineering has formed a strong capability for structural design & analysis by using the Bentley software suite – a well-known software solutions provider for infrastructure design, construction, and operations.

In this article, we will look at Rishabh Engineering’s capability with Bentley Systems software suite – STAAD Pro, AutoPIPE, ProSteel, AutoPLANT, RAM Connect, MicroStation, and SACS that have contributed to multiple project successes for the company.

Structural Analysis and Design Using Bentley Software

Rishabh Engineering's Synergy with Bentley Systems' Software Suite

Rishabh Engineering team employs Bentley Systems’ full software suite to enhance numerous components of its engineering and construction projects. The integrated approach of STAAD Pro, AutoPIPE, ProSteel, AutoPLANT, RAM Connect, MicroStation, and SACS is critical in improving productivity, accuracy, and collaboration across all domains within the firm.

Here’s a comprehensive look at how Rishabh uses each software tool:

  • STAAD Pro: STAAD Pro stands at the core of Rishabh Engineering’s structural analysis and design processes. Structural design using STAAD Pro allows the Rishabh team to approach challenging assignments with optimism, emphasizing structural integrity and performance while adhering to rigorous safety regulations.
  • AutoPIPE: For precise piping design and analysis, Rishabh Engineering relies on AutoPIPE. This software ensures accuracy in modeling and simulating piping systems, contributing to the overall efficiency and reliability of industrial projects. The integration of AutoPIPE pipe stress analysis module enables the Rishabh team to deliver projects with optimized piping layouts and robust systems.
  • ProSteel: ProSteel provides advanced tools for structural steel detailing and fabrication. Rishabh uses this software to improve their ability to accurately design steel constructions. The system simplifies the steel detailing process, allowing interdisciplinary teams to collaborate more efficiently and ensuring structurally sound project delivery.
  • AutoPLANT: Rishabh Engineering uses AutoPLANT for intelligent 3D modeling in plant design. This software optimizes the layout of industrial facilities, contributing to improved operational efficiency. The intelligent plant design created using Bentley’s AutoPLANT 3D help minimize errors during construction, enhances collaboration among teams, and ultimately leads to the successful execution of complex projects.
  • RAM Connect: RAM Connect specializes in the design of connections in steel structures. Rishabh Engineering employs this tool to ensure that every steel connection in their projects meets specified design criteria. The software enhances the overall stability and safety of structures, particularly in high-rise buildings and other projects where intricate steel connections are critical.
  • MicroStation: MicroStation serves as the foundational platform for drafting and documentation within Rishabh Engineering. Rishabh’s draftsmen utilize MicroStation’s 3D drawing capabilities to create accurate 3D and 2D drawings thus streamlining the drafting process.
  • Suspension Arm Control System (SACS): In offshore engineering, Rishabh Engineering turns to SACS for structural analysis and design. SACS ensures the resilience of offshore structures against extreme environmental conditions. Rishabh utilizes this software to perform advanced analyses thus contributing significantly to the safety and reliability of our offshore projects.

Bentley Systems’ All-Encompassing Software Suite

  • STAAD Pro (Structural analysis and design): STAAD Pro empowers engineers to model and analyze complex structures with precision. Whether dealing with heavy structures like bridges, or industrial facilities, this tool ensures that complies with stringent safety standards. The analysis in STAAD Pro has become a cornerstone in the world of structural engineering, allowing for efficient and reliable project execution.
  • AutoPIPE and ProSteel (Piping design and analysis): AutoPIPE helps ensure the integrity and efficiency of intricate piping systems are maintained. While ProSteel caters to the needs of structural steel detailing and fabrication. Together, they offer a great level of seamless integration and optimization of piping and structural elements for Rishabh Engineering’s projects.
  • AutoPLANT (Plant Design): Bentley’s AutoPLANT stands out as a game-changer. AutoPLANT helps create intelligent 3D models to optimize plant layouts for maximum operational efficiency. It helps reduce errors while streamlining collaboration among multidisciplinary teams with intelligence and foresight.
  • RAM Connect (Structural Stability): Steel structure connections are critical in engineering projects, and Bentley’s RAM Connect specializes in their design. This tool ensures that every connection meets stringent design criteria, contributing to the overall stability and safety of structures. RAM Steel connection design has become an essential component in the engineer’s toolkit, providing confidence in the integrity of steel structures.
  • MicroStation (Drafting and Documentation): MicroStation serves as the cornerstone for drafting and documentation within Bentley’s suite. This versatile platform enables the development and modification of both 2D and 3D artwork. Whether creating precise construction plans or interacting with stakeholders, MicroStation improves the efficiency and quality in the drafting process, making it a vital tool for engineering professionals.
  • SACS (Structural Analysis): For offshore engineering challenges, Bentley’s SACS takes the lead. SACS specializes in offshore structural evaluation and development, providing improved abilities to assure buildings’ durability in adverse environmental conditions. This technology is critical in improving safety and dependability in complicated offshore projects, demonstrating Bentley’s dedication to tackling industry-specific issues.

Real-Life Case Studies of Utilizing Bentley Systems’ Software Suite

Case 1: Structural Stress Analysis for Waste Heat Recovery Units Using STAAD Pro (Offshore Platform)

Project: Structural Analysis and Structural Design Drawings for Waste Heat Recovery Units

Client: Large EPC Conglomerate

Objective: Rishabh Engineering team utilized Bentley Systems’ STAAD.Pro v8i and Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 for a 10-week Structural Stress Analysis project in the UK. Tasks included data preparation, structural analysis, foundation load calculations, and design drawings for Waste Heat Recovery Units. The comprehensive deliverables encompassed a Structural Stress Analysis Report, Lifting and Transportation Analysis, Foundation Load Data, Structural Design Drawings, and a detailed review of fabrication drawings.

Case 2: Detailed Engineering & 3D Modeling of Metering Skid

Project: Structural design, 3D modeling, and detailed engineering of an Oil & Gas Metering Skid

Client: Leading designer and manufacturer specializing in bespoke metering, hydraulic control systems, and produced water treatment solutions.

Objective: Rishabh Engineering team utilized CADWorx Plant Professional, STAAD Pro, ProSteel, AutoCAD, and Navisworks to perform Detailed Engineering & 3D Modeling for the metering skid that lasted for three months. Our deliverables included the final 3D model, weekly updates, structural stress reports in PDF format, piping isometric design, and skid/structural drawings.

Case 3: Structural Stress Analysis For Flare Stack Using STAAD Pro

Project: Structural Analysis and Structural Design Drawings For a self-supported HP Flare Package

Client: EU-based large flare package vendor

Objective: Rishabh Engineering team conducted structural stress analysis & detailed engineering for the HP Flare Package. These involved tasks ranging from structural analysis using STAAD.Pro and PV Elite to the preparation of fabrication drawings adhering to client standards. The team successfully delivered a comprehensive Structural Stress Analysis Report, STAAD.Pro Analysis File, Mechanical Calculation report, PV Elite Analysis File, Finite Element Analysis, and intelligent 3D models, meeting the client’s expectations within a 14-week timeframe.

Case 4: 3D Modeling For Natural Gas Condensate Plant

Project: An onshore Qatar Petroleum facility project aimed to enhance the existing plant by incorporating a new Gas Compressor package, including a Knockout Drum and Cooler, with intricate arrangements.

Client: Middle-east based leading provider of turn-key Oil & Gas solutions

Objective: Rishabh Engineering team utilized AutoPLANT SS4, AutoCAD, Bentley Navigator, and Bentley i-model Composer for a month-long project in Qatar. We delivered a 3D Modeling For Natural Gas Condensate Plant while adhering to ASME B31.3 codes and standards. Further, this encompassed project administration, equipment modeling, piping modeling, and detailed 3D modeling for structures like Pipe racks, Sleepers, and platforms. This was while focusing on Piping Stress Analysis that ensured compliance with high-quality standards.

Final Words

To summarize, Rishabh Engineering’s relationship with Bentley Systems has proven to be a game changer in engineering. Rishabh’s structural design & analysis services are built around utilizing the Bentley software suite including STAAD Pro, AutoPIPE, ProSteel, AutoPLANT, RAM Connect, MicroStation, and SACS. The real-life case studies emphasize the collaboration’s practical ramifications, demonstrating how Bentley’s software suite enables engineering firms to overcome hurdles and deliver extraordinary results. As technology advances, the relationship between Rishabh Engineering and Bentley Systems exemplifies the transformative power of innovative software solutions in defining the future of construction.

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