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The client is a large EPC conglomerate based in the UK who has executed construction projects in a myriad of industries, ranging from commercial infrastructure to heavy industrial and energy sectors.

Engineering Requirement

Rishabh Engineering was responsible for the following:

  • Preparation and Collation of all engineering data regarding the design and fabrication of WHRUs
  • Structural analysis of two nos. WHRU using STAAD.Pro v8i
  • Foundation load data calculation and anchor bolt design
  • Structural analysis during a lifting operation of various WHRU components
  • Structural analysis during the transportation operation of various WHRU components
  • Structural analysis for WHRU support and associated pipe supports
  • Structural analysis of supporting platform
  • Structural design drawings for WHRU support, pipe supports and supporting platform
  • Carry out a detailed review of fabrication drawings based on structural design drawings


  • Structural Stress Analysis Report
  • Lifting and Transportation Analysis
  • Foundation Load Data
  • Structural Design Drawings
  • Review of Fabrication Drawings

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