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Plant Design and Engineering With CADWorx

Revolutionizing Plant Design With CADWorx Software

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The need for innovative tools and solutions in the fast-paced industrial design and engineering world is growing. CADWorx® Plant Professional is emerging as the leader, enabling engineers to tackle the complexity of plant design with surprising efficiency and precision. This comprehensive software suite smoothly accommodates new and old projects, offering various capabilities that enhance the design workflow and increase project success.

This post will examine Rishabh Engineering’s capability of utilizing CADWorx for plant design engineering, its major features with real-life case studies, and more.

Plant Design and Engineering With CADWorx

How Does The Rishabh Engineering Team Utilize Hexagon’s CADWorx?

The Rishabh Engineering team leverages the key capabilities of Hexagon’s CADWorx Plant Professional software to enhance plant design in several ways as listed below:

  • Intelligent 3D pipe Design: Plant design with CADWorx allows you to develop accurate 3D pipe models that comply with industry standards. Automated routing and adjustable pipe rules guarantee that project requirements are met, while collision checking detects potential conflicts early in the design phase.
  • Specification-Driven Design: Offers seamless connection with project specification, enabling automating design tasks, reducing errors, and increasing overall productivity. Thus ensuring that plant models adhere to project specifications and guidelines.
  • Efficient Specification Management: CADWorx simplifies specification management while assuring project components meet the most recent standards, which is critical for ensuring project uniformity and compliance with standards.
  • Unparalleled Flexibility: This software helps our team to meet diverse project requirements, including industry standards and pipe codes, and incorporate varied design approaches.
  • Dynamic Pipe Supports: Enables the deployment and analysis of dynamic pipe support, hence improving system performance and safety by maintaining pipe system stability and integrity.
  • Detailed Bill of Materials: Creates accurate and comprehensive bills of materials that are required for procurement and cost estimation, ensuring project transparency and cost control.
  • Equipment Modeling: This includes sophisticated equipment modeling tools to produce comprehensive plant models connected to PV Elite for equipment analysis.
  • Integration with Analysis Software: Our team uses CAESAR II for pipe stress analysis, PV Elite for equipment analysis, and GT STRUDL for structural analysis, enabling the utilization of 3D modeling components with a faster workflow solution.
  • Equipment Library Administration: Offers tools for managing and expanding equipment libraries while reducing design time and increasing component compatibility.
  • Ducting/Cable Trays: Enables precise design and routing of HVAC ducting and cable tray systems, assuring optimal operation and safety.
  • Collision Checking: Identifies potential interference concerns, ensuring that new designs easily connect with existing infrastructure, which is critical for avoiding costly conflicts during construction.
  • DWG-Based Deliverables: Creates DWG-based deliverables that are compatible with AutoCAD and other CAD tools, enabling easy collaboration and interchange of design information.
  • Isogen Isometrics: Enable the development of isometrics to save time and eliminate errors critical for plumbing system construction and installation.
  • Live Database Links: Provides real-time access to project data, allowing for more informed decision-making and better design collaboration.
  • Intelligent Process Diagrams: Enables the construction of intelligent process diagrams, improving communication and collaboration among project stakeholders.
  • Model/P&ID Synchronization: 3D Modeling in CADWorx helps maintain consistency between 3D models and P&IDs while reducing errors and discrepancies.
  • Links to Stress Analysis: Works with stress analysis software to streamline the design review process and ensure the safety and integrity of piping systems.
  • Walkthrough Capabilities: CADWorx Design Review Professional makes model visualization and 3D design coordination easier, promoting cooperation.
  • Change Management: With automated routines, changing piping sizes and specifications is quick and easy.
  • As-Builts from Point Clouds: Enables development of accurate as-built models using data from point clouds, which is useful for brownfield projects.
  • Improved Collaboration: Offers a common platform for all stakeholders, promoting better collaboration and supporting effective communication of changes.

About CADWorx Plant Professional - Introduction

CADWorx Plant Professional is a smart software package from Hexagon. It is designed specifically for plant design and automation with packages that include various tools for creating complex 3D plant models. It is compatible with the AutoCAD and BricsCAD systems and encourages adaptation and collaboration. Its primary features include DWG file-centric functionality, smooth project continuity, automated routing capabilities, user-friendly P&ID and industrial layout possibilities, and streamlined design deliverable automation.

Benefits Of Plant Design Using  CADWorx

CADWorx Plant Professional offers several benefits for plant design and engineering projects, some of which are listed below;

  • Comprehensive Plant Design Tools: Covers a complete suite of 3D plant design tools, such as piping, steel, equipment, and raceway modeling.
  • Interoperability: Works seamlessly with other CAD and BIM applications, thus promoting collaboration among interdisciplinary teams and allowing CADWorx designs to be integrated into bigger projects.
  • Intelligent Piping Design: Comprises intelligent piping design tools that cover automatic routing, size optimization, and clash detection, which help to speed the design process and reduce errors.
  • Customization: Allows users to tailor CADWorx Plant Professional to meet their individual project needs and follow design standards.
  • Accuracy and Consistency: Ensures accuracy and consistency throughout the design process, thus eliminating rework and increasing project quality

Further, you can explore how the Rishabh Engineering team helps revolutionize plant engineering by leveraging Hexagon’s software, such as CADWorx, CAESAR II, and more, to address complex engineering challenges.

Key Features of Plant Design in CADWorx

I – Configure

Advantage: Easy to setup and accurately present all the information in the isometrics

3D Enhance (Advanced Graphics)

Advantage: For Advanced graphics and offering a realistic look

User Shape

Advantage: Easy to customize special components with intelligence

Spec Editor

Advantage: Easy to create and manage the project piping specification material

C.G Generator

Advantage: Fastest way to generate the combined C.O.G for lifting arrangement for the modular skids

Structural steel module

Advantage: Very good graphics, More features for Steel & Civil

Assembly manager

Advantage: To create a standard valve, PSV manifold & control valve assembly

Clash Check

Advantage: Easy to check & generate clash check report

.pcf file for CAESAR II

Advantage: Limited/no data loss due to accurate integration between CADWorx & CAESAR II

Real Life Use Cases – CADWorx

Case 1:  Field engineering and 3D modeling for 105 MW Tarakhil Power Plant, including piping, equipment, civil and structural.

Project: To provide field engineering and an intelligent 3D model for the entire plant, including piping, equipment, civil, and structural.

Client: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Objective: Utilizing Intergraph CADWorx® Plant and CADWorx P&ID, Rishabh Engineering meticulously surveyed a power plant to gather data for piping routing and 3D modeling, encompassing equipment like diesel engines, generators, and thermal boilers. Structural modeling included engines, radiators, and pipe racks. Rishabh team delivered modern power to the Afghanistan power plant using CADWorx® to overcome inefficiencies, slashing modeling hours by 30%, boosting productivity by 20%, and achieving over 95% accuracy, ultimately meeting project deadlines and satisfying client requirements.

Case 2: 3D Modeling on CADWorx for Launcher & Receiver Station with High Pressure Pump Packages

Project: 3D Modeling for Launcher & Receiver Station of Gas Gathering Center / Crude Oil Gathering System

Client: EPC contractor

Objective: The project entailed 3D modeling on CADWorx for the Launcher – Receiver station with high-pressure pump packages using CADWorx. Final deliverables included 3D Models of Dual Pump Packages, Single Pump Packages, and Launcher & Receiver Stations. GA Drawings, Isometric Drawings, and MTOs adhered to ASME B31.4 codes. Utilizing CAESAR II, pipe stress analysis and pressure vessel modeling occurred. Hexagon software streamlined data extraction, enhancing efficiency and reducing project time by 12%.

Final Words

Creative tools are essential in a continually changing industrial design and engineering context. CADWorx® Plant Professional emerges as a market leader, allowing engineers to negotiate the complexity of plant design with great efficiency and precision. Its broad features improve design workflows, ensuring project success in new and ongoing projects. Rishabh Engineering’s specialized engineering services team uses this software to help engineers create intelligent, precise, and cost-effective plant designs. With its extensive capabilities, scalability, and seamless integration, CADWorx has become an invaluable asset for engineering teams worldwide, perfectly fitting with Rishabh Engineering’s commitment to excellence in design and innovation. Using CADWorx, as evidenced by real-world case studies and successful outcomes, demonstrates our dedication to delivering excellence in plant design engineering. Our team enhances plant engineering standards by strategically leveraging Hexagon’s software suite, translating complex difficulties into simplified solutions.

Seek help with Plant Engineering?

Our team leverages CADWorx to offer efficient plant design while optimizing design workflows and elevating engineering standards.

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