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Plant Reverse Engineering Services

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What is Reverse Engineering?

An engineering process implemented for enhancing the existing facilities required for

  • Plant Relocation
  • Plant Modernization
  • Capacity Enhancement
  • Efficiency Enhancement

This process basically revamps an existing plant and its infrastructure built during pre-computer era or for an industrial plant with no “As-Built” drawings/data.

There are two ways of implementing reverse engineering process for an existing industrial plant:

  1. Manual Reverse Engineering – By deputing skilled manpower to factory/plant site for extracting field changes and conducting industrial survey. This method is
    • Time consuming
    • Cost intensive
    • Less accurate hence less reliable
  2. Laser Scanning Reverse Engineering – This procedure is
    • Faster
    • More economical
    • Highly accurate & reliable

Rishabh Engineering – A Plant Reverse Engineering Company

We help the industry patrons in creating “As-Built” drawings of their existing industrial plants by using laser technology. Scanning is carried out and is converted into intelligent 3D models for implementing detailed engineering for the revised parameters.

We serve as a ONE-STOP SHOP for 3D laser scanning for industrial plants and detailed engineering.

Process for Industrial Plant Reverse Engineering

  1. 3D Scanning, Registration & Stitching
  2. Developing 3D Model
  3. Creating Intelligent 3D Model on CADWorx, PDMS, PDS, AutoPlant 3D, AutoCAD Revit
  4. Incorporating revised parameters for the final enhanced capacity
  5. Detailed Engineering to carry out Installation & Commissioning

Rishabh Engineering Initiative

Reverse Engineering Service Using 3D Laser Scanning For A Typical Semiconductor Unit

semiconductor plant view

360 Degree View of Typical Semiconductor Plant

AutoCAD Revit Review file

Review file generated in AutoCAD Revit

3D model on CADWorx

Intelligent 3D model on CADWorx

If you are looking for the following:

  • Plant Modernization
  • Capacity Enhancement
  • Enhancing Energy Efficiency
  • Relocation of Plant
  • Industrial Surveys
  • “As-Built” Drawings of an Existing Plant for Insurance Purposes

Call us now: 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224)

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