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3D Plant Design and Modeling Using Bentley AutoPLANT

3D Plant Design And Modeling With Bentley AutoPLANT Modeler

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Bentley’s AutoPLANT Modeler is a premier plant design software solution, offering excellent features that allow experts from various technical fields to complete difficult projects with precision and efficiency. This tool excels in intelligent 3D modeling and thorough data integration, delivering exceptional results on every project, whether mechanical engineers are refining piping systems or structural engineers are reinforcing industrial infrastructures.

This blog will explore how Rishabh Engineering utilizes Bentley AutoPLANT for 3D plant design and modeling with its features, benefits and real-life use cases that make engineering projects more efficient and successful.

3D Plant Design and Modeling Using Bentley AutoPLANT

How Does the Rishabh Engineering Team Utilize Bentley Systems AutoPLANT Modeler?

3D Plant Design And Modeling In Bentley AutoPLANT Modeler improves the efficiency and quality of projects by delivering a comprehensive collection of tools adapted to industry requirements. It allows our team to streamline operations, reduce errors, and provide high-quality designs to their clients.

Here are some ways in which we use AutoPLANT Modeler:

  • Plant Layout Design: We develop detailed 3D models of complete or specific plant sections. This includes developing equipment layouts, pipeline systems, structural components, and other plant infrastructure.
  • Piping Design: Our team offers tools for planning piping systems within plants. Engineers can plan pipeline routes, define pipe sizes and materials, and ensure the piping arrangement complies with design and regulatory requirements.
  • Equipment Modeling: Engineers can use the software to model various equipment types, including pumps, vessels, tanks, and heat exchangers. These equipment models can be incorporated into the plant structure and overall design.
  • Clash Detection and Resolution: AutoPLANT Modeler’s clash detection feature identifies and resolves conflicts between plant components, including pipes, equipment, and structural elements. Engineers can then resolve these clashes to guarantee the design is practical and meets safety requirements.
  • Documentation and Reporting: The software generates complete engineering drawings, reports, and documentation from a 3D model. This contains isometric drawings, material takeoffs, bill of materials (BOM), and other construction and project management-related data.

About Bentley Systems AutoPLANT Modeler – Introduction

AutoPLANT Modeler is a robust software solution to address plant infrastructure’s design and engineering needs across various industries, including oil and gas, chemical, power generation, pharmaceuticals, and more. As a part of Bentley’s comprehensive suite for 3D plant design and modeling, this software offers a range of features and capabilities to streamline the entire plant design process.

Key Features of Bentley Systems AutoPLANT Modeler

Listed below is a comprehensive array of important features of AutoPLANT Modeler;

Modeler Features

  • Manage project configurations through an intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Generate intelligent isometrics with OpenPlant Isometrics Manager.
  • Exchange and review read-only design data using the Bentley i-model format.
  • Conduct design reviews, interference detection, schedule simulations, and more with Bentley Navigator.
  • Integrate with ProjectWise for managing project design data and drawings.
  • Place items from OpenPlant PID in AutoPLANT Modeler using a 2D/3D interface.
  • Customize AutoPLANT with the component class editor and script editor.
  • Save IT resources by scripting the AutoPLANT installation process.

Piping Features

  • Utilize flexible placement and routing through Advanced Routing.
  • Update component sizes and specifications using Change Size/Change Specs.
  • Apply standard AutoCAD commands (move, stretch, copy, etc.).
  • Quickly locate components with a modular menu grouped by type (e.g., jacketed pipes, HVAC, cable tray).
  • Insert items into existing pipe segments.
  • Create and insert piping assemblies.
  • Access multiple piping modules (ductile iron, high purity, plastic, HVAC, etc.).
  • Use over 100 component catalogs with example specifications.
  • Create custom specs rapidly using SpecGen.
  • Save and restore reference drawings (Xrefs) and section views for design ease.
  • Annotate in both paper space and model space.
  • Select properties or fields using powerful querying tools.
  • Generate detailed project reports and place bills of material directly on drawings.
  • Report quantities accurately, including pipe cut lengths.
  • Customize reports and bills of material fully.

Equipment Features

  • Design parametric equipment and intelligent nozzles.
  • Standard equipment types include pumps, vessels, and exchangers.
  • Create custom equipment from solid primitive shapes for vendor accuracy.

Raceways Features

  • Model intelligent raceways, cable trays, and conduits.
  • Use robust routing capabilities for concurrent engineering with piping, structural, and HVAC disciplines.
  • Detect interferences at any design stage with Bentley Interference Manager.

OpenPlant Isometrics Manager Features

  • User-friendly interface designed for non-piping users, avoiding complex switches and settings.
  • Project-driven drawing outputs and bill-of-material definitions.
  • Utilize PCF files to pass data to fabrication systems.
  • Create isometrics in RealDWG format.
  • Easily browse element information and specific components.
  • Separate isometric production from design applications.
  • Configure isometric styles and drawing layouts with ease.
  • Finetune drawing attributes to include additional pipeline input
  • Fully configure bill-of-material layouts.

AutoPLANT Modeler and Bentley Navigator For Synchronized Design

  • View AutoPLANT Modeler changes in Bentley Navigator with a single click.
  • Synchronize views between applications with zoom, pan, and orbit functionalities.
  • Enable real-time review of intelligent models with images and tags.
  • Facilitate quick visualization, schedule simulation, and dynamic animation.
  • Link models with ODBC-compliant schedules, construction, and other databases.

Bentley CONNECT Services Support

  • Register projects with Bentley for project-centric analysis.
  • Access personal learning materials, paths, history, and timely product news and updates.
  • Track time spent on products and projects accurately.
  • Maintain a universal ID to link all project activities for seamless collaboration.

Benefits Of Bentley Systems AutoPLANT Modeler

Here are some of the advantages of using this Bentley software;

  • Enhanced Design Efficiency: The software offers powerful 3D modeling tools and broad component libraries to help speed up the design process. This efficiency allows designers to complete projects more quickly and precisely.
  • Improved Collaboration: With real-time collaboration features, this software enables multiple team members to work seamlessly on the same project. This improves communication and coordination, keeping everyone on the same page and reducing the likelihood of mistakes.
  • Early Conflict Resolution: This software’s strong collision detection and conflict management features assist designers in identifying and resolving possible issues early in the design process. This proactive strategy helps to reduce construction costs and delays.
  • Customizability and Flexibility: It is highly customizable, allowing customers to adjust the software to specific project requirements. This versatility means that the program can handle various project kinds and difficulties.
  • Data-Driven Design: The platform prioritizes data-centric design to ensure that all project data is appropriately recorded and handled. This results in better decision-making and a more dependable design method throughout the project’s lifecycle.
  • Accurate Documentation: With to-the-point isometric drawings and bills of materials, this software guarantees that all stakeholders have access to accurate and current project information, allowing for more efficient project execution.
  • High-Quality Visualizations: It features extensive visualization and simulation tools that allow designers to produce realistic project renderings. These visualizations assist stakeholders in understanding the design purpose and anticipating potential problems before construction begins.
  • Industry Standard Compliance: The wide libraries of industry-standard components ensure that designs meet relevant standards and regulations, which is critical for plant design quality and safety.

Explore Rishabh Engineering’s structural analysis & design capability with the Bentley Software suite that has contributed to multiple global project successes.

Real Life Use Cases – Bentley Systems AutoPLANT Modeler

Case 1: 3D Modeling For Natural Gas Condensate Plant Using AutoPLANT SS4

Project: Natural Gas Condensate Plant – Onshore Qatar Petroleum Facility

Client: A global leader in turn-key Oil & Gas solutions, offering comprehensive services from consultancy and design to procurement, project management, and long-term operations and maintenance.

Objective: Develop a comprehensive 3D model For a Natural Gas Condensate plant package using AutoPLANT SS4, including a knockout drum and cooler with associated arrangements at an existing plant. Utilize AutoPLANT for project administration, equipment and piping modeling, and detailed structures. Ensure compliance with ASME B31.3 standards for high-quality piping stress analysis.

Final Words

In the field of industrial design, getting things right is more important than ever. At Rishabh Engineering, we are all about pushing the envelope of what is possible. With AutoPLANT Modeler by our side, we’re not just building plants but incorporating efficiency and innovation into every aspect. Our 3D modeling services team supports clients from designing to collision detection while making their aspirations a reality.

Looking To Unlock Your Potential In Industrial Design?

With AutoPLANT Modeler, our team can help you streamline your plant design processes and elevate efficiency in industrial innovation.

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