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3D Design with Autodesk

Revolutionize 3D Modeling with AutoDesk Software Specialization

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Today AutoDesk is emerging as the leader in CAD and 3D modeling projects to meet the needs of modern-day engineering organizations.  In this blog, we’ll look at the capabilities of AutoDesk’s 3D modeling software suite and look at real-life examples of how our Rishabh engineering utilizes this software suite to enhance engineering design capabilities.

3D Design with Autodesk

Rishabh Engineering's Synergy with AutoDesk's Software Suite

We’re a leading engineering services company, that stands out for its adept utilization of AutoDesk’s software suite.

Listed below are some of the benefits our team enjoys while implementing AutoDesk softwares’;

  • Enables Efficient Collaboration
  • Achieve Precision and Accuracy
  • Helps Streamline Project Lifecycle
  • Enhanced Decision-Making

Our team’s dedication to excellence is demonstrated by the seamless integration of Autodesk 3D design tools into workflows. Listed below are a few cases highlighting how they help improve efficiency as well as accuracy when handling engineering projects.

  • We harness Inventor’s prowess for precision in their mechanical designs, streamlining the product development lifecycle.
  • We employ AutoPlant 3D to optimize plant layouts, ensuring efficiency, safety, and compliance with industry standards.
  • Our team leverages AutoCAD’s extensive feature set for drafting and detailing, ensuring precision in their engineering drawings.
  • We integrate REVIT into workflow for collaborative and data-rich BIM projects, enhancing coordination and reducing errors.
  • Our team harnesses Advance Steel for robust structural analysis and design, ensuring the integrity and safety of steel structures in their projects.
  • We utilize NAVISWORKS for clash detection and coordination, ensuring that all elements of a project seamlessly come together without conflicts.
  • We leverage Construction Cloud to streamline communication and project management, ensuring timely delivery of engineering solutions.

AutoDesk's All-Encompassing Software Suite

  • Inventor: It is a 3D mechanical design and product simulation software that enables engineers to build, visualize, and simulate three-dimensional design models. It enables rapid modifications, ensuring that design iterations go smoothly and quickly.
  • AutoPlant 3D: It is a specialized tool for plant design and engineering that enhances collaboration among multidisciplinary teams for creation of 3D models of plants and factories.
  • AutoCAD: It is a stalwart in the CAD software arena, facilitating 2D and 3D drafting and design.3D modeling in AutoCAD are popular for its versatility while making it an industry standard for architects, engineers, and designers.
  • REVIT: It is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that revolutionizes the way architects and engineers approach construction projects. Revit’s 3D modeling encompass the entire building lifecycle.
  • Advance Steel: Catering to the structural engineering domain, Advance Steel facilitates 3D modeling and detailing of steel structures. It seamlessly integrates with other AutoDesk products, ensuring a unified approach to structural design.
  • NAVISWORKS: It is a project review software that enables collaboration, coordination, and simulation of project information that aggregates models and data from various sources while providing a comprehensive view of the project.
  • Construction Cloud: It is a cloud-based platform that connects the entire construction project lifecycle while facilitating collaboration, document management, and project insights to enhance transparency and efficiency.

Real Life Case Studies Of Utilizing Autodesk Software Suite

Case 1: Inventor Enhances “V” Blender Design

Project: 2D Drawing and 3D Modeling of “V” Blender Using Inventor

Client: A modular process systems supplier in the USA focusing on energy sectors like Power Generation, Oil and gas, LNG, and renewables.

Objective: Rishabh Engineering employed Autodesk Inventor to deliver a precise 3D model and detailed 2D fabrication drawings for a 20 cubic feet “V” Blender’s shell assembly. The project involved creating six individual 3D models and providing fabrication drawings in DWG format.

Case 2: AutoPLANT 3D SS4 Optimizes Natural Gas Condensate Plant

Project: 3D Modeling For Natural Gas Condensate Plant

Client: A global leader in providing turn-key Oil and gas solutions through in-depth engineering services ranging from consultancy to engineering design, planning, procurement & project management, enterprise technology infrastructure setup & commissioning

Objective: Our team utilized AutoPLANT SS4, AutoCAD, Bentley Navigator, and Bentley i-model Composer to deliver a comprehensive 3D model for a gas compressor package in an onshore Qatar Petroleum facility. Adhering to ASME B31.3 codes ensured the highest quality in Piping Stress Analysis.

Case 3: 3D Modeling of Pedestrian Crossing Bridge Using Tekla and Navisworks

Project: Modeling of Pedestrian Crossing Bridge

Client: Canada-based leading steel fabrication and infrastructure specialist

Objective: Embarking on a 10-week project to enhance a pedestrian bridge’s structural design. Leveraging Tekla Structure and Autodesk Navisworks, we delivered an advanced 3D model of a pedestrian crossing bridge along with detailed connection modeling, and precise material take-offs, ensuring a comprehensive solution with pathway layout and structural fabrication. The project showcased our proficiency in utilizing cutting-edge software tools for optimal design outcomes in the utility category.

Final Words

In the dynamic landscape of engineering and design, the synergy between AutoDesk’s software suite and Rishabh Engineering’s 3D CAD Modeling Services capabilities is a testament to the transformative power of technology. By harnessing the advanced features of Inventor, AutoPlant 3D, AutoCAD, REVIT, Advance Steel, NAVISWORKS, and Construction Cloud, Rishabh Engineering propels itself into the forefront of the engineering services sector. As technology continues to evolve, this partnership between Rishabh Engineering and AutoDesk’s software suite promises innovation, efficiency, and excellence in every engineering endeavor.

Seek Help with 3D Design by Using AutoDesk’s Software?

We can help seamlessly integrate the varied tools for precision, collaboration, and efficient project management to elevate your engineering capabilities.

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