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Top 5 Factors For Selecting Pipe Layout Software

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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the world of engineering, a 3D model is worth much more – it is after all a picture that comes alive in three dimensions. A majority of modern engineering projects are executed using 3D environment. Project plants, equipment, facilities are modeled as per the actual dimensions with the help of sophisticated 3D software. There are a wide variety of tools and applications to model equipment & facilities.

Plant projects comprise inordinate amounts of engineering and design data. This data revolves and evolves across multiple disciplines using a lengthy workflow that requires the contribution of many parties. To succeed, you must have good tools for generating, coordinating and managing this complex data flow.

It is important to choose your software and application wisely because 3D visualization is only as good the designers and the software they use. If you are looking for a reliable and accurate 3D design software for piping layout design then there are a few criteria that can help you choose the best.

Top 5 Factors For Selecting Piping Layout Software

5 factors for selecting the best 3d piping design software

Software price versus value:

Pricing is integral to any business decision. But it shouldn’t be the only factor in determining the software you choose for your company. It is not possible to draw a direct parallel between software price and its value.

If you have the option to choose between an inexpensive package with fewer features and a more expensive package with loads of features, then consider the specific features and their value for your business needs. If the most basic package has everything you need, don’t get distracted by the top-of-the-range software if you don’t think you’ll use any of it. It’s important to invest in software (particularly if it’s costly) that you know will grow and improve alongside technological developments.


There is a fair amount of learning curve involved with new software. You need to choose 3d piping software that your employees will be able to adopt quickly and easily. Selecting a highly complex model that takes a considerable amount of time to master will negatively affect adoption rates. Thus, research your potential software options tirelessly so you can make the most efficient and beneficial decision for your company and your team.

Technical Support:

The question of support hours should include not only the time frames during which you can get support, but how you can do so. Can you get phone support, or is everything handled by email or ticketing system? If you will be using a ticketing system, what is the anticipated response time for a request? It is important that your software company’s support department is available when you need them.

Software compatibility:

Simply buying a great application is not enough if the software doesn’t integrate well with your existing systems. Whether for your own personal use or for a business, there are factors you should consider before handing over any money. The questions that you should ask yourself include:

  • If the software is compatible with your current operating system;
  • If the software is user-friendly;
  • Whether technical support is available;
  • The features offered and whether they are necessary; and
  • Whether tweaks to the software will improve the user experience.

A handy list of questions to ask before you make the final choice:

  • How many companies are already using pipe layout software?
  • What is the history of the package?
  • What kind of standardization does the package represent?
  • Is customization of the package necessary?
  • Is there an accessible knowledge base for the implementation and exploitation of the package?
  • What are the costs of switching to an alternative package?
  • What are the implications of postponing a decision to adopt?


When it comes to buying software tools and applications, there are no right answers. It is a matter of using discretion and choosing the product that is fit for your purpose and requirements. We hope that the above criteria will help you select wisely and make an informed purchase.

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