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A Dubai based upcoming EPC Contractor offering international-grade design, engineering & construction services to all kind of power plants. They also work with many EPC clients for various upcoming engineering projects.

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Engineering Requirement

  • Site survey of the power plant currently under construction and collection of data required for executing piping routing and 3D modeling
  • Equipment modeling of diesel engine, generator, radiator, air intake, thermal boiler, exhaust stack, storage tanks, various skids, starting air compressor
  • Complete structure modeling of engine, radiator, pipe rack, pipe trench, unloading station, and loading bay
  • Design & modeling of complete piping arrangement including small-bore lines, skids piping


Rishabh Engineering Services (RES) successfully executed this project employing the Hybrid Delivery model to carry out site survey, piping routing and 3D modeling of Diesel Engine, Generator and many other components of the plant.

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