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How we delivered our engineering projects during Covid-19

Managing Successful Engineering Design Outcomes in the “New Normal”

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The COVID-19 outbreak had completely changed the way, how we live, do business and the way our economy functions as a whole. We’ve witnessed projects having difficulty in ramping up—and then down—to meet the demands of mandates and needed responses.

It was during this time that many organizations realized how to not operate in a constrained physical environment. There was a need for a flexible and adaptable model to put in place that puts the right resources, personnel, and technical knowledge together to ensure the best of project outcomes.

How we delivered our engineering projects during Covid-19

During 2020 and even right now, we have the right pool of resources, staffing, and expertise to help you meet your program or project’s critical needs. With experience, we can share it can be very difficult to expand or reduce the workforce during adversity. By choosing Rishabh Engineering as your trusted partner, we enable you to be adaptive during these adverse times by augmenting your program and/or project.


With health, safety and continued service for our customers, partners & employees as our primary focus, Rishabh Engineering Services continues its operations through flexible working arrangements by enabling the best of support.

Through our Business Continuity Plan, we wanted to assure you that we are still operating and providing multidiscipline engineering consulting services. With a remote service delivery model, our team is diligently working with an optimum approach to ensure all your critical business processes remain unaffected. Listed are the core elements of how we uphold our promise and commitment;

Business Continuity

  • Digital Access ( irrespective of location & device)
  • Adherence to local lockdown & local govt guidelines/regulations
  • Working from Home for almost all employees to serve diverse customer needs

As part of this plan under action covers;


  • Pan organization training & preparedness on COVID-19
  • Hygiene Tips
  • Advisory Message

  • Admin, HR and Infra Teams on StandBy
  • Circulation Of Important and SOS Contacts
Workforce Safety

  • Appropriate health and safety measures with all precautionary quarantine measures
  • Connect with all employees through call every day
Technical Preparedness

  • Secure VPN Connectivity: Users can securely connect to the corporate network and can access their services.
  • Data Security: Granular access rights management/USB Block on the client device.
  • Cloud-Based Software: Hassle-free software access from anywhere.
  • Security (Cloud-Based Software): Identity access management & MFA enabled.
  • Software License: Cloud-based software licenses with continuous monitoring of usage.
  • Technical Support: Well trained engineers to manage software licenses & troubleshoot software issues.

With a dedicated on-call coordination service team, we allow remote work to support multiple sectors, geographies, and cross-functional engagements. These services include:

  • Project Management
  • Project Coordination and Scheduling
  • Procurement and Contract Administration
  • Program Tracking and Reporting
  • Construction/Site Management
  • Input gathering
  • Administrative Support
  • Project Controls

With this, our objective is to provide the customer & partners with the opportunity to navigate impacts to schedule, cost, quality, resourcing, and stakeholder demands with clarity to make critical and timely decisions.

Hybrid Working – Rishabh Prerogative

When disruption struck due to COVID-19 concerns, companies wanted to defer maintenance that turned to extended reliance on digital technology to understand & manage what might happen. The greater challenge was to bridge how the digital and physical worlds look different across industries.

In the engineering realm, our approach is to map the work disconnect with the hybrid model. Armed with data, digital copies of real-world physical components, we help predict failures and assist with management. And all of this without even visiting the plant physically in the Middle East, US and European graphics to predict “the amount of cumulative damage” and determine how to manage the project and whether it is safe to postpone maintenance.

Pushing past the hurdles toward hybrid work is an attractive concept to businesses. To manage the operational, financial, competitive and cultural advantages that lie ahead for companies, our team is well prepared to help overcome the challenges and strategize around where hybrid fits best.

How Does It Help?

Engaged and Informed Operations

Our operating team applies and meets the procurement guidelines for fairness, transparency, and best value. With cross-industry experience, our delivery team puts to practice multiple strategies to mitigate delays in sourcing materials for the project.

Emerge From the Crisis

Everything we do today has an emphasis on health and safety. We’re all focused on social distancing, reducing social activities, and washing our hands. Our team continually strives to improve the safe and efficient manner in which the work gets executed. Rishabh Engineering’s commitment to health and safety is integrated into all aspects of our business. Concerning health and safety, we implement stringent safety protocols and additional communication as recommended by our governing authorities.

And, during these tough times, we will continue to assist you with any of your project’s needs. We wish to minimize disruptions to any of the business operations and processes. It includes the production of excellent and coordinated designs, within the right timelines while responding to RFPs & RFIs.

Even though the situation remains fluid, we understand that your business must continue to operate. We will periodically reach out with further communications as needed.

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