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A UAE based multinational with a focus on EPC, Refining, Mining & Trading Construction across five continents with the management of Oil & Gas Installations, Mining, Refining, Trading, Downstream, Midstream, and Upstream.

Engineering Requirement

Rishabh Engineering was appointed as an engineering services partner to conduct piping detailed engineering & 3d modeling using PDMS for the used lube oil re-refining plant in Jeddah- KSA. We were responsible for the following:

  • Updating PDMS Library
  • Piping Design and Modelling in PDMS application
  • Modeling of Package Structure, Pipe Rack, Platform, Pipe supports and Vessel trims in PDMS application
  • Preparation of Drawings for Nozzle Orientation
  • Periodic 3D Model Review ( 30%, 60% & 90% Model Review/Report) and request for approval
  • Extraction of Piping GA drawings, Isometrics with complete BOM & Support type
  • Preparing Special Support Drawings with complete BOM
  • Extraction of Piping & Valve MTO
  • Modeling
  • Instruments, Junction boxes with supports as per input
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Cable trays as per the shared information
  • Electrical JBs and DBs, Column or wall-mounted electrical supplies, Earthing / Lighting pit location as per customer’s data
  • Electrical & Instrumentation structural supports as per the provided information
  • Civil foundation and Pipe rack structures, roads pavements, pits, culverts
  • Structures like MCC Building and Control room building, Utility building
  • Preparation of PMS and Material Requisition
  • Insulation specification
  • Painting specification
  • Wrapping and coating specification


  • Piping Stress Analysis Report
  • 3D Models
  • Piping Support Material Take off (MTO)
  • Pipe Support List

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