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A Dubai-based diversified multinational group who operates in the areas of engineering and construction, infrastructure development and management, exploration of hydrocarbons, and mining of minerals/metals for the energy sector.

Engineering Requirement

For the below requirements, the client needed 3D Modeling using PDS,

  • Equipment modeling
    1. Vessels
    2. Flow Suction Tank
    3. Pumps
    4. Launcher / Receiver
    5. Glycol Regeneration Unit
    6. Manifolds
  • Piping modeling
  • Packages
    1. Tank Flare Package
    2. HP Flare Package
    3. Oil Export Fiscal Package
    4. Biocide Injection Package
    5. Glycol Regeneration Unit
    6. Effluent Water Treatment Package
  • Structure
    1. Pipe rack, sleepers
    2. Crane, Fence
    3. Platform
    4. Skid
  • Civil
    1. Road Modeling (Existing, Gatch, Asphalt)
    2. Pump house Foundation


  • Effective on-time delivery of committed 3D Models

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