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A US based privately held Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Project Management company specializing in construction of heavy industrial facilities and pipelines. The company has extensive experience with oil terminals.

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Engineering Requirement

3D modeling and piping engineering of an Early Production Facility and the associated Central Tank Battery (CTB) Facility. Following equipment had to be modeled as a part of the project:

  • 22 Storage Tanks – Test oil, Water and Oil
  • Three Phase Separators (1 Vertical + 1 Horizontal)
  • 1 vertical Two Phase Separator
  • 1 Heater Treater
  • 3 Fuel Gas Scrubbers
  • 2 Knock Out Drums
  • 1 Flare Stack


  • Final 3D Model
  • Key Plan Layout
  • Site Layout
  • General Arrangement Drawings
  • Isometrics Views
  • Bill of Material (BOM)

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