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Equipment Engineering

Rishabh Engineering’s static equipment engineering services involve the design and analysis of pressure vessels, storage tanks, heat exchangers, and boilers. Our proficient team of qualified engineers have the experience of managing a wide range of projects for customers from petroleum refineries, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, food processing plants, wastewater plants, reactors, condensers, evaporators, etc.

We are the preferred choice for organizations the world over, with our high-quality performance, quick response time, and acute knowledge of international codes and standards, such as ASME Section VIII, API, and TEMA.

Software / Tools/ Technology
PV Elite
Industries Served

Oil & Gas

Petrochemical & Refinery

Energy & Utility

Specialty Chemical


Water & Waste Water Treatment

Industry Codes and Standards adhered to by our Designers

API 650, API 579, API 620, API 653, ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Div. – 1 & Div. – 2, PD 5500, TEMA


Man-Hours Of Project

15 Years

Of Team Experience

ISO 9001 & 27001


Service Offerings

Rishabh Engineering specializes in design, analysis, re-rating, and fitness-for-service evaluations.

Storage Tank Design:

  • Storage tank design as per codes API 650, API 620, and API 653
  • Floating roof tank design
  • Fixed roof tank design
  • Design validation
  • Design of tank structure
  • Mechanical equipment selection
  • Relief valve sizing, calculation, and selection

Pressure Vessel Design:

  • Configuration and analysis of pressure vessels (columns, horizontal & vertical pressure vessels, spherical vessels, reactors, etc.) according to the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Div. – 1 & Div. – 2
  • Calculation of minimum retirement thickness values for existing pressure vessels and their components so as to maximize safety and increase durability
  • Predictions to check the suitability of vessels for in-situ PWHT (post-weld heat treatment)
  • Fatigue analysis to estimate and analyze the life of pressure vessels subjected to pressure, temperature, and startup/shutdown cycles
  • Failure analysis to identify the cause of failure of failed pressure vessels and their components

Heat Exchanger Design:

  • Design of heat exchangers according to the TEMA and ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Div. – 1
  • Calculation of minimum retirement thickness values for existing heat exchangers and their components so as to maximize safety parameters and increase durability
  • Tube-sheet thickness calculations for different types of heat exchangers
  • Calculations for other heat exchanger components such as channel covers, floating heads, etc.
  • Calculations for fixed tube-sheet heat exchangers
  • It is possible, with or without flanged and fluid expansion joints, to conduct a re-rating and fitness-for-service evaluation
During the past three years our company has been working with Rishabh Engineering on numerous engineering projects. The company offers high quality services. We can say that we have always been immensely satisfied by their work.

EPC Customer in USA

- Mechanical Specialist
We are extremely satisfied with the AutoCAD services provided by Rishabh. This is first time I have had the opportunity of working with Rishabh Engineering and very happy with the results.

Engineering Solution Provider in USA

- Director
The engineering model developed by Rishabh Engineering for our Phase 2 project covering the mechanical construction has received very positive feedback from the client and the construction crew with the quality of the drawing package. It was virtually perfect. I appreciate all the hard work of the team members.

EPC Company in USA

- President
I have found Rishabh Engineering to be professional, courteous, and well equipped to handle any engineering resource requirement. Rishabh has completed several projects in a timely and efficient manner. Our customers have been complimentary of your work product. We look forward to many more successful projects together.

Engineering Company in USA

- Vice President

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  • We offer the highest levels of quality, service, and expertise, with on-time delivery of customer projects.
  • Our team of technicians and our equipment and expertise help global customers seamlessly integrate the latest technology into their existing infrastructure.
  • Our team has specialized knowledge of design services in static equipment across specialty chemicals, paint, and cement industries.

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